Jordan Jetson

Jordan Jetson is a musician from Louisville, KY and a member of the United Legion of Doom (ULDOOM), a local Hip Hop collective consisting of members like Metez, Nick B, Yons and Dj Deuce. The unsigned artist has become a staple to Louisville’s Hip Hop music scenes, being nominated for both the LMA’s (Louisville Music Award) and the KUEA’s (Kentucky Urban Entertainment Awards) and is best known for his polished and well rounded rap style pair with an explosive and captivating live performance. To give back to the community and nurture the youth of hip hop, he often spends time in the AMPED program (Academy of Music Production, Education, and Development)as a rap mentor. Releases include Inner City Gods,FOMO (Fear of Missing Out),Inner Space, Critical Mass, Black Aria’s 1 & 2, and Gentle Cosmic.


DJ Deuce

Drew "DJ Deuce" Carter is a self taught hip-hop/trap DJ residing in Louisville, Ky. Originally from Frankfort, KY, Deuce moved to The Ville in 2004 to attend the University of Louisville, where he played percussion for both the UofL Marching Band and UofL Pep Band. While at UofL, a close friend asked him to collaborate on an upcoming project, and his career as a DJ began.Learning the craft mostly on his own, but with insight from other well-respected DJ's in the city, Deuce has developed into an energetic presence on stage as "The Legion's DJ". Having collaborated with other members of The Legion, Deuce has played locally at Headliner's Music Hall, Mercury Ballroom, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, Resurfaced, Waterfront Park, and other local music spots, along with venues in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.


Nick B.

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Tonea Stewart (Pron. Tow-Nay-Uh Stu-Art) Is a young model from Louisville, Ky, who uses her artistic talents to further the principles of discipline, hard work, and self love. Beginning her modeling career at 8 years old, she took a short hiatus but has since dedicated her life to her craft full time.

Age: 21

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 145 lbs

Body type: Slim (Petite)

“Being able to help someone capture their vision through myself gives me a joy i could never explain”- Tonea Stewart

Instagram: @smokayeee_